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About Beaten Path RV

Beaten Path RV was started from a love of camping. As our family grew, so did the size of the camping equipment and sleeping quarters. However, with new bigger and better things comes the excitement (and sometimes disappointment) of learning new things. It is a big knowledge jump moving from a tent to a pop-up camper to an RV! It’s not always fun and games, but the work makes it so rewarding!

We thought that if we are having these learning curves, there has to be many others going through the same and although tenting takes a skill level, campers require a bit more as there are more working parts. This is why we decided to focus on RV’s.

We invite you to search through our site and see what you think. Let us know if there is something not all that right, because there may be mistakes (after all, it’s not a big team running this site). Helping us helps everyone and that’s what we strive for in this site!

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Happy Camping!