Best Ways of How to Keep Mice Out of RV in Winter

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The weather is cooling down and the big camping season is coming to an end for many northern states. Now we are faced with the choice of what to do with our camper. We can either rent it out or store it. Either way you choose still holds the chance of getting mice to invade your valued possession. So, how the heck do you keep them out? I will discuss a number of ways people have tried and succeeded or failed on keeping these critters out along with professional suggestions of how to keep mice out of RV in winter.

Since my family tries (I did say try) to keep with natural products over man made poisons, the following is a list of different products which people have tried using. Some are good, some, well, not so good. 🙁


To start off, I am going to discuss barred soap. Irish Spring to be precise. Do a search in Google for Keep Mice Out with Irish Spring and you will find that this is a more common thought than you may think. In fact, I have tried this method as well.

Irish Spring is a soap that has a stronger smell than many other soaps. In fact, I have a few bars in my basement still in the box and when you go down there, you can smell them easily. After a while, the smell starts to dissipate, but if you re-position the boxes, the smell comes right back! What can I say? You not clean until your…. wait. Wrong slogan. I mean “Fresh and clean as a whistle.” Yeah. that’s the one. Sorry. Got sidetracked. Anyway, the stronger smell of the soap is believed to help keep the mice away as it is too strong of a smell for them.

NOPE! Sorry. However, this is just not true. Like I said, I have tried this with mice in my garage and they just ate the soap! Not what I prefer to eat, but hey. In fact, there have been many reports of the same thing happening to other people. I’m glad I figured this out using my garage and not an RV.



Next up in our list are Bounce Fabric Sheets. You know. The sheets that you use in the dryer. Not sure who ever thought of this, but the sent is supposed to help keep the mice away. Unfortunately, this is another fail. In fact, I have seen mice use these in their nesting. There are a number of people online saying the same thing. Thomas Pest Services says “mice are extremely curious. A strange odor isn’t going to keep them away when they’re looking for food or a place to nest.”



Next in the line of how to keep mice out of rv in winter are moth balls. Moth balls are believed to help repel mice too. You simply place a few moth balls or moth cakes near any entry points and they will help keep mice away. Unfortunately, this is just not true. According to, “The amount of naphthalene found in mothballs is a small. It’s enough to deter moths and other insects, but for mice it’s no problem.  The levels of naphthalene needed to repel mice are the same needed for humans. There have been many cases where mice have walked over the mothballs paying no attention to them whatsoever.”



What about Wall Plug-ins as a Rodent Repellent? Do they work? Well, the sad truth is no. The ultrasonic waves might repel them for a very short time, but they would rather put up with the noise than leave a shelter with food and a place to nest than go out into the elements where there are predators. 


cats - how to keep mice out of rv in winter


Cats are a playful and curious creature which, for the most part, love to, well, catch mice. Whether it be for fun or just to catch them, this is what they do. However, even though cats are not a complete fail, they cannot be counted upon to catch mice on any regular basis, plus they do not prevent the mice from getting in the RV in the first place.



There is nothing like the great smell of lavender… I mean if you like it. Personally, I think it is a strong smell and I don’t know about mice, but it sure helps keep me away. :-/ Either way, it is believed to work.

I have seen this used a few times before and the people that use it swear by it. This may be something good to try. Have you ever tried lavender?



Peppermint Oil is a good way of how to keep mice out of RV in winter. This Oil is a good, natural way to help repel mice as long as the right amount is used. The upside is that using peppermint oil, your RV will smell good when it is all closed up. I have never personally used peppermint oil, but the process is to soak cotton balls in the oil and place the cotton balls strategically throughout the RV.

NOTE: Please remember that Essential Oils are concentrated and should always be used with caution! Make sure to handled with care and always keep away from children and pets. Also, to be safe, be sure to reference dilution ratios.

To do this, you will need to soak cotton balls half way in 100% Peppermint Oil (you can also get this). Then place these cotton balls in all openings you can find. This includes any storage compartments, engine compartment and any other openings a mouse would attempt to go to get in. I would also place a cotton ball inside the bathroom and kitchen cabinets where there are openings for water or any other lines that run throughout the RV.


Good ways of how to keep mice out of RV in Winter:


Steel wool is a good way to help keep the critters out. The process is that you take steel wool and press it into the holes and any small entry points where a mouse can get into. As it is hard, they cannot chew through it. However, you will want to make sure you not just push it in the holes, but also secure it in place with something like expandable foam. this way, they can’t just pull it out and have a great way to get in.



Aluminum foil is another great way to help keep the mice out. This basically works the same way as steel wool. You simply take the foil and shove it in the openings to help keep the critters out. Also, make sure you secure it with foam.



There are a number of ways listed, both that have been proven to fail and others that may be worth looking into, for how to keep mice out of RV in winter. One last way that I have read good reviews about is Fresh Cab. This product is supposed to keep rodents out for up to 30 days and one pouch covers 125 sq. ft. and is rated 4 stars out of over 2500 reviews! Fresh Cab is made in the USA and is fast acting. It also is not messy and can get rid of current infestations.



We have covered a number of natural ways you can deter mice from entering your RV when not in use or if you currently have the little guys running a muck. Other ways for how to keep mice out of RV in winter would be to place a solid barrier around your RV which would prevent mice from gaining access to your RV. However, make sure you are not by a tree or somewhere where they can gain access from the top. Along with these tips, making sure you keep your RV clean and free of food and as much material they would love to use for bedding are the best ways of how to keep mice out of RV in winter.


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