Pop Up Camper with Toilet and Shower

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Having a Pop up camper with toilet and shower was my go to camping choice for a while. Since then, I have moved on. However, there are many reasons people choose pop up campers for their travels. They’re cheaper, easier to pull, use less gas, and easier to store, for starters. They also make you feel more like you’re truly camping. (Of course, not everyone finds this to be an attractive option.) And despite their smaller size, they still have a lot of the same amenities as larger travel trailers. Two things they usually don’t have, however, are toilets and showers. If you truly want to “rough it,” that won’t be a problem. But for those who really, really don’t want to go out in the rain at 4 a.m. to relieve themselves or aren’t excited about the prospect of digging a hole to poop in, you can opt for a portable toilet or there are a number of pop up models that do offer “bathrooms.”

I put bathrooms in quotes because they aren’t your typical facilities. Pop-up campers come with “wet baths,” meaning the entire bathroom serves as the shower stall. Yes, the toilet is inside the shower, but it’s a waterproof toilet with an overhanging cover to keep the toilet dry while you’re showering. Just remember not to leave your toilet paper inside, because that WILL get wet!


Pop up camper wet bathrooms are not enclosed by walls. They are designed so that the shower floor is simply a square in the overall floor space of the camper. The wet bath is set off with a heavy, waterproof curtain. Many of these curtained bathrooms come with covers that can double as countertop space when you’re not using the bathroom.

While this may not seem ideal, it’s simply a matter of space – enclosed baths with separate showers and toilets take up a lot of room, which you don’t have in a pop up. But the convenience of having your own bathroom makes the wet bath something you can get easily used to. It sure comes in handy for boondocking or if you’re at a primitive campsite. And we all know the cleanliness of public facilities is often questionable … it’s just comforting to know you’ll have your own, nondisgusting place to do your business. There are also the added bonuses of having a place to sit while you shower, leaving a smaller carbon footprint than you would with a dry bath, and not having to dust the bathroom because you’ll constantly be running water over it.



There are things to keep in mind with a wet bath. Remember that every drop of water you use has to be replaced in your freshwater storage tank and drained from your grey water tank. And most freshwater tanks are quite small, usually only having a maximum capacity of 20 to 25 gallons. So you’re not going to be able to take nice, long, hot showers. You can save water in your wet bath by turning it off while you’re soaping up and turning it back on just long enough to rinse off.

So now all you have to do is find a pop up that has a wet bath! For your convenience, here is a partial list.

Pop Up Camper with Toilet and Shower List

Forest River

To start our list off, we have Forest River. Forest River makes two lines of pop ups that include floorplans with wet baths: The Flagstaff Tent and the Rockwood Tent. Both series have the same floor plans and features; the difference between them lies in the color scheme. In the Flagstaff series, the MAC/LTD 205 has a standard wet bath, while the MAC/LTD 228, MAC/LTD 228D, Classic 625D, and Classic 627D floorplans have optional baths. There is a High Wall line in both the Flagstaff and Rockwood series as well. The Flagstaff High Wall HW27KS,  HW27SC, and HW29SC models all featured standard wet baths.

In the Rockwood Series, the Freedom 1950, Premier 2516G, and Premier 2716G have a standard bath, while it’s optional in the Freedom 2280 and Freedom 2318G. The High Wall series, consisting of the HW276, HW277, and HW296, contains standard baths.

The Flagstaff and Rockford lines range in size from 20’1” to 27’9. All of these tent campers pack the most value possible into the perfect fit for couples or small families. Each model comes standard with many features and gives you the flexibility to incorporate a number of options. These rigs feature easy set ups, tinted vinyl windows, USB charging ports, privacy curtains and a WiFi booster. Quilted top mattresses, residential-style cabinet doors, and a swing galley with storage are some of the more luxurious features you’ll find on the Flagstaff and Rockford pop up campers.

The High Wall campers are great for those who want a lighter towing experience but still would like the luxurious features of a travel trailer. Some of these tasteful interior features include stainless steel finishes, rich colored cabinetry, and wood grain-look flooring.

Forest River does not list prices on their website. You can get a quote by going to any floorplan’s page and clicking on “request a quote.”


Jayco only offers one model with a wet bath and only on one particular floorplan. The Jayco Jay Sport 12SC is 23’3” long, with features like king- and queen-sized tent end beds, tinted vinyl windows, and carry-out stoves. Beds are kept dry by water-repellent DuraTek tents. This pop up, which can sleep seven people comfortably, also offers a spacious dinette slide, Jackknife sofa, American-made Dexter axles, and a five-year warranty on the frame, floor, lifter system, bed platforms, tents, and roof.

For pricing, click on “request quote” on Jayco’s Jay Sport page.


Aliner offers a few models with wet baths, but you’ll want to know that Aliner is not a “traditional” pop up. The Aliner features an A-frame design (makes sense!) combined with features of pop up campers. When not in use, the walls fold down and make the trailer easy to tow. But unlike canvas-sided tent campers, the Aliners use fully rigid sides that offer better protection in cold or windy weather.

Aliner enthusiasts love how easy the campers are to set up and tear down, and the Aliner is also a cinch to unhitch. These pop ups are made for couples and feature everything needed to stay outdoors: a sink, stove, bed, heater, table, and microwave. And yes, on three of its models, a wet bath. The Aliner Family Scout (18’) and the Aliner LXE (15’) come standard with the baths, while the 18’ Aliner Expedition has an optional toilet/shower combo. A good option to look at for a pop up camper with toilet and shower!

Click here to get a quote on any Aliner model.


There are two Coachmen pop ups that offer wet baths, the Clipper Classic 1285SST and the Viking Legend. Like the Forest River pop ups mentioned earlier, the only difference in these models is the color scheme. Both are 23’5” long.

These campers are engineered with one word in mind … EASY! Whether you’re setting up or storing them, the process couldn’t be simpler. Most importantly, they’re easy to enjoy. And the towing is also – yes, you guessed it – easy. These campers have aerodynamic profiles and Coachmen’s Patent Pending Glide-N-Lock bed system.

The inside is filled with features centered around convenience, practicality and comfort. Along with the built-in wet bath, the Clipper Classic 1285SST and Viking Legend offer slide-out dinettes and tables that can be used inside or out, king-sized front and tent end beds, lounge seating, and lots of storage in the cabinets and dinette bench seats. The galley kitchen area features a single sink and three burner stove top, with the option to add a refrigerator.

For prices, click on “request quote” on either of these model’s pages.


Final Words

There are many other choices for a pop up camper with toilet and shower. This is a great partial list to get you started in the right direction. Make sure you do your research and shop around to find the model which fits you!

Have a brand or model which you really like? Let us know in the comments below.

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